6 Dangers Of Plastic Waste

Plastic waste is still a global issue because of its damaging impact on the environment. Therefore, the use of plastic must be strictly suppressed. Humans as users must also be very wise in using them. Don’t let plastic waste pile up in your home. Immediately contact junk removal Burbank who can deliver the waste from your home to the right place. In addition to the damaged marine ecosystem due to plastic waste, plastic waste also has an impact on several things Bumble Bee Junk.

1. Breaking the food chain
Plastic pollution affects plankton as the smallest organisms in the world. When the smallest organism is disturbed, it will cause an imbalance for other organisms. Larger animals are poisoned and humans are more likely to eat fish contaminated with pollutants.

2. Killing animals
Data from the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration states that millions of birds and fish and 100,000 mammals die from plastic waste that is not managed properly. Plastic waste also destroys mangrove systems that are important to humans and are habitats for thousands of species.

3. Polluting soil and groundwater
When plastic waste builds up in landfills and interacts with water, harmful chemicals are formed that can seep underground. This situation will reduce water quality. Then groundwater and reservoirs become vulnerable to toxic leaks and plastic waste flows.

4. Causes air pollution
Burning solid waste in the open air causes the air to be polluted due to the release of toxic chemicals into the air. This polluted air affects human and animal health.

5. Causes health problems for humans
The use of chemical addictive substances during the plastic production process can cause endocrine disorders. Not only that, the process of storing and disposing of plastic is linked to several health problems that affect people all over the world.

6. Drain costs
Every year, millions of dollars are spent tackling the impact of plastic waste. Tens of hectares of land and costs are drained to create many landfills, most of which are plastic waste. On the other hand, the state’s income decreased because it was accompanied by a decrease in the number of tourists visiting natural tourist sites filled with plastic waste.

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