Home Roof Problems and Solutions

The roof is one of the most important parts of the house. A problematic or damaged roof can certainly cause discomfort in the house. There are several problems that often occur on the roof of the house. If you want to know the problem with your home, you can use our services. Here are some problems and how to deal with them based on DuBose Home Inspection, Inc.:

Roof Too Sloping
The slope of the roof must be considered so that the falling water can flow immediately. The sloping roof causes the water to slow down and will gradually collect in the concrete and seep. How to fix it, the roof design must follow the ideal slope requirements of 30-40 degrees. The size of this slope is the ideal limit for the roof truss so that it can hold the roof covering well so that water can be poured into the ground immediately. On the other hand, a steep roof can make the tile slump.

Leaked roof
Roofs need to be inspected and maintained at least once a year. Pay attention to any ridges, meeting roof shapes, and gutters. Changes in weather—especially extreme weather—can cause roof tiles to crack and the cement on the ridge to crack. For that, coat the tile joints, ridges, and gutters with waterproofing.

Porous Roof Frame
The causes of the roof truss are various, such as seepage of water dripping from between the tiles and gutters. Replacing the entire roof truss must be done if the damage is severe, for example, the truss or most of the rafters are porous. However, if the damage is only a small part of the rafters and battens, you can repair only the damaged part.

Hot Temperature in the Attic
The heat in the attic can be reduced by cross ventilation. You can modify the vent and create a cavity under the tile.

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